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With Monica Moran

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Monica Moran, facilitator


The group met at the library on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 PM for over two years to unwind, de-stress and have fun. Coloring supplies were provided

Samples from meetings are linked below.

December, 2018 - The final Coloring for Adults workshop took place December 3, and participants enjoyed the theme of coloring Gingerbread Houses! Creativity guide, Monica The Creative Beast, wishes to thank all the participants of the Coloring for Adults workshop for the past 3 years, it's been a treat to share my love of creativity through coloring with you all! I'll be back with new and different creativity workshops in 2019!

November, 2018 - The monthly Coloring for Adults workshop voted on "Princess Day" as the theme to color for the month of November. Other themes included Thanksgiving with a quote to color on thankful people being happy people.

October, 2018 - A new theme for the workshop was National Color Day, which takes place October 22. A new coloring page was created by the workshop leader, Monica, a different form of the color wheel. It was a popular coloring page for the evening, bypassing the usual favorites of the month, Cake Day, Mad Hatter Day, it even surpassed coloring pages for Dia De Los Muertos!

There is no class in September, 2018 due to the Labor Day Holiday

August, 2018 - The monthly Coloring for Adults workshop enjoyed the theme of National Honey Bee Day for coloring. Flower coloring pages were included as a way to celebrate the summer coming to a close, with sunflowers and day lilies.

July, 2018 - The Coloring for Adults Workshop was able to gather this year in July, since, in previous years the 4th of July holiday fell on a Monday, when the library is closed. The coloring themes included 4th of July fun, of course, and the participants had voted on Carousels and Lollipops for the other July themes to color. Carousel horse coloring pages came from a great coloring book designed by David Palmer, and they were just as popular as the Fourth of July holiday theme!

June, 2018 - The theme that got the most votes for coloring in June was FLIP FLOP DAY, which takes place on the 3rd Friday of June. One participant came decked out in her 'flip flop gear' of flip-flop shirt, earrings and, of course, FLIP FLOPS! National Hot Air Balloon day is June 5, which was a returning favorite theme during our gathering.

May, 2018 - The Coloring for Adults participants had an opportunity to vote on coloring themes for May and it was a tie between" Different Color Shoes Da"y and "Bird Day," fun holidays that take place in the month of May. The workshop leader designed some 'whimsy birds' for special coloring pages that were enthusiastically and creatively colored. Join the fun to find out what the themes of June will be!

April, 2018 - The month of April was celebrated with these coloring themes, which were voted upon by the participants - Find a Rainbow Day, which takes place on April 3 each year, a return of National Telephone Day, and April Showers. The coloring page for Find a Rainbow day was designed by Doodle Art Alley and it was a very popular page that night!

March, 2018 - The Coloring for Adults participants had the chance to vote on themes for coloring for the months of March and April. They chose 'Learn About Butterflies Day', which takes place on March 14! It appears that learning about butterflies was the big hit of the evening, while one participant chose to color a Celtic knot as a way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

February, 2018 - February is a month filled with holidays for celebrating, from Mardi Gras to Chinese New Year, but the themes that were celebrated with coloring were Valentines Day, Mardi Gras and National Kite Flying Day, which takes place February 8. New hand-designed coloring pages for Mardi Gras and kite flying were made especially for the monthly coloring group!

January, 2018 - Heavy rains didn't stop many of our coloring enthusiasts! Coloring for Adults began the New Year on a positive note by coloring uplifting and meaningful messages. The colorful quotes can be hung as reminders of positivity. Happy New Year - Here's to a colorful year in 2018!

December, 2017 - The 'Coloring for Adults' monthly workshop gathered for holiday coloring with coloring pages celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Participants chose to have a coloring page to celebrate 'National Sock Day' which fell on December 4. There was also a relaxing coloring page with the reminder to 'Breathe', a fitting message during the hectic holidays.

November, 2017 - The Coloring for Adults workshop enjoyed themed pages for the month of November. Coloring pages of buttons for National Button Day (which is November 16), and coloring pages of thankfulness and gratitude, including an original coloring page called 'Gratitude Pie' designed by workshop leader Monica. A fun coloring page celebrating the seasonal treat of Pumpkin Spice was an enjoyable coloring page as well.

October, 2017- The monthly 'Coloring for Adults' workshop played with the following 'holiday themes' of Mad Hatter Day, taking place on October 6, and Cake Decorating Day, taking place on October 10. Since Halloween and Day of the Dead are at the end of the month, there were plenty of skulls to be colored in, celebrating the Hispanic tradition of colorful sugar skulls that are part of the tradition of honoring ancestors. And coloring these sweet treats doesn't give you cavities! ;)

September, 2017- The Coloring for Adults Workshop had some wonderful new coloring pages generated just for this workshop! The mandala coloring page was a drawing exercise by Penne Jackson Norris, and she was very kind to share it with us as a coloring page. The busy bee coloring page was actually a quick sketch drawn in a sketchbook by Tori Weyers, who was VERY generous to turn her sketch into a full-size coloring page for our workshop! Tori had a fun coloring page used by our workshop participants last year. Since the Fall Equinox is just a few days away, a coloring page of LEAVES was shared and colored.

August, 2017 - The Coloring for Adults monthly workshop took place in August, after our special National Coloring Book Day. The theme for coloring was 'Roller Coasters' in honor of National Roller Coaster Day, which takes place on August 16 every year. There was also a lovely sunflower coloring page as we watch the days of summer begin to close out.
There will be a special coloring meeting in mid-September, since the library will be closed for Labor Day on the first Monday of the month.

National Coloring Day, August 2, 2017 - August 2 is designated as 'National Coloring Book Day' so the Encino-Tarzana 'Coloring for Adults' workshop held a special coloring event in honor of the 'holiday'. Our coloring facilitator, Monica, designed a mini coloring book to give to participants for joining in the fun! We had a great turnout of new and regular attendees.

June, 2017 - June 5 was National Hot Air Balloon Day and the Coloring for Adults workshop celebrated by coloring in various hot air balloon coloring pages that were hand drawn by the workshop facilitator, Monica. The participants created hot air balloons of glorious color!

May, 2017 - The coloring themes for the month of May were "May Flowers" (after the 'April showers', of course!), Cinco de Mayo and "National Mother Goose Day"...it appears that Mother Goose and blooming flowers were the popular coloring choices for this month!

April, 2017 - The themes for coloring for the month of April were Easter, Passover, Earth Day and National Telephone Day. The page of umbrellas was for 'April showers', there was a Passover plate, a page that crossed the Easter bunny recycling a bag with local veggies, and a page of telephone images.

March, 2017 - The month of March had coloring pages for St. Patrick's Day, with Celtic knot work, shamrocks and a Celtic goddess coloring page. The Celtic knot work shown here is the thistle, a flower with great importance since it is the national flower of Scotland, a Celtic nation.

February, 2017 - Mardi Gras masks and Valentine's Day were themes for February. The 'voodoo doll' coloring pages were rather popular!

2016 - A gallery of our efforts.

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