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Continued from Home page: A summary of volunteer activities of Friends of the Library and programs funded by the Friends.

December, 2019

HOTP books and Yoga continued and we enjoyed Monica's Holiday Crafts program. Weekly sorting of donations and daily Used Book Store staffing involved many members. We set up for the B-I-G Book Sale, staffed it, and then cleaned up - our major quarterly fund-raising event. This provides support for children's programs such as Story Time with Rebecca and teen programs including Teen Council and special activities. Volunteers gave 598 hours this month.

November, 2019

This busy month included our Annual Membership meeting with elections and brunch for library staff. HOTP books came, patrons enjoyed yoga, Story Time with Rebecca, and childrens and teen programs were supported. The Bookstore was staffed daily and shelves refilled often. Volunteers sorted print and media donations weekly, preparing them for the store and December Sale. Volunteers gave over 347 hours this month.

October, 2019

The Friends continued usual activities: Sorting and storing donations for the next BIG Book Sale, restocking and staffing the Book Store, and updating this website. Yoga classes were held weekly and the book club met to discuss this month's book and plan for the next months. We supplied materials for a Dia de los Muertos craft progam for about 140 teens. Children enjoyed Story Time with Rebecca HOTP books continued to arrive for branch users. Volunteers gave over 427 hours this month.

September, 2019

HOTP books arrived, yoga class and the Book club met, donations were sorted regularly. The BIG Book Sale required setup, staffing during the sale and cleanup. We kept the book store open daily, updated the website, and provided supplies and refreshments for children's and/or teen's programs including Story Time with Rebecca. Volunteers gave 659 hours in September.

August, 2019

FOL continued normal activities: sorting new donations to restock the Used Bookstore or store the the next BIG Book Sale; staffing the Used Book Store; updating the web site, and having an Open Board meeting for updates and planning. HOTP books continued to arrive, and patrons enjoyed the regular Yoga for Well Being program along with the Teen SRC Blacklight painting, Story Time with Rebecca for children, and the adult SRC - Book Making program. A new spinner in the teen section is in place. The Friends provided supplies and sometimes refreshments for children's and teen programs. Page Turner's Book club met, discussed, and made plans for future meetings. During August, volunteers gave 355 hours.

July, 2019

Volunteers sorted new book and media donations twice weekly, staffed the Book Store daily, and updated this website as needed. HOTP books continued to arrive; kids enjoyed Story Time with Rebecca; yoga classes and the Book Club met. The Friends sponsored kids SRC programs: American Sign Language and Music Show, Kricket’s Drumming Show, INCA Peruvian Ensemble Music, and Tony Daniels’ Magic Show. We also sponsored the Teen SRC: How to Draw Superheroes. The Friends provided supplies for Childrens's and Teen SRC programs and for Teen Council. Volunteers gave over 480 hours in July.

June, 2019

Our quarterly Book and Media sale was a success, raising funds to help meet Library needs. Volunteers sorted books and media donations twice weekly and staffed the Used Book store daily. HOTP books came in and flew off the shelves. Many enjoyed the weekly yoga class and the monthly Book Club meeting. We sponsored the Summer Reading Challenge program -- "Allan Oshiro Magic show," Story Time with Rebecca, and provided supplies for Childrens's and Teen programs such as Teen Council. 650 hours were volunteered this month.

May, 2019

Supporting the Library: providing a weekly yoga program, a Korean Dance program, a Book Club, supplies for children's and teens programs when requested, and funding half the Hot-Off-The-Press books. Volunteers regularly sorted book and media donations to sell in the Used Bookstore or save for the June BIG Book Sale. Your donations help make the programs possible. There were 430 hours volunteered this month.

April, 2019

The Friends continued support for Hot-Off-The-Press Books, provided support for Teen Council, sponsored Yoga, a Poetry Month craft program for adults, and Story Time with Rebecca. Page Turners Book Club met. Book and media donations were sorted regularly and saved for the next BIG Book Sale or used to refill shelves in the Bookstore. Volunteers staffed the Bookstore daily. The Friends honored their Volunteers with a Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, and also recognizing the Friends of the Year. Friends volunteered 426 hours this month.

March, 2019

Our B-I-G Book Sale was a success. Thousands of book and media items found new homes elsewhere, proceeds helped to fund programs, book and media purchases, and other Library needs. Regular programs - HOTP, yoga and Story Time with Rebecca - continued and we sponsored a showing of The Richmond Rosies. Volunteers staffed the Bookstore, sorted donations, and set up, staffed, and cleaned up after the B-I-G Book Sale. More than 540 hours of work were given this month.

February, 2019

Regular programs, such as Yoga and Hot-Off-The-Press Books continued this month. We provided supplies for Teen and childrens programs, and Story Time with Rebecca. Volunteers sorted book and media donations, restocked the Bookstore and stored the surplus for the next BIG Book Sale. Volunteers staffed the Used Book Store during regular hours. The Board met to discuss FOL business, past and future donations to the Library, and make plans for future activities. There were over 401 Volunteer hours in February.

January, 2019

Braving the rain, volunteers sorted book and media donations twice weekly to keep the Bookstore stocked or to store them for the March BIG Book Sale. The reorganized Book Store was kept open daily by volunteer staff. We continued to support the Hot-Off-The-Press program, Yoga and Stgsory Time with Rebecca. A new Book Club Chair is preparing to restart Page Turners Book Club. The Board met to review FOL and library needs, and plan for the future. We welcomed the new YA librarian. Our 2019 membership drive began - please consider joining the Friends or renewing you membership now. Volunteers gave over 475 hours in January.

December, 2018

We held our quarterly B-I-G Book Sale early in the month: setting up, staffing the sale, cleaning up afterwards. The Book Store was kept open daily by volunteers and Hot Off the Press books continued to arrive. Adults relaxed with yoga and kids enjoyed a Tony Daniels Magic program. New book and media donations were sorted weekly, getting started for the next Book Sale. Volunteers gave over 550 hours this month.

November, 2018

A busy, holiday-filled month: Book and media donations were sorted regularly, the Book Store was staffed and shelves refreshed as usual with much stored for the December BIG Book Sale. Adult programs included Yoga and a "Banners of Joy" workshop. Hot Off the Press books continued to arrive and jump into reader's hands. Page Turners and Delve into History Book Clubs are looking for a new Chair. We hosted a luncheon for Library staff and volunteers, presenting the Friends of the Year award to Tamala Lynch and Esther Rose for their exemplary support of the Friends and the Library. The Friends Annual Membership Meeting resolved By-laws issues, discussed needs and plans for the future. Volunteers gave 409 hours this month.

October, 2018

Volunteers staffed and continually restocked the Used Book Store. New book and media donations were sorted twice weekly. Friends' Book club - Delve into History - met to discuss and plan. The Board added members and made plans for improvements. New shelves were added to the Used Book Store making some books more accessible and complying with Earthquake safety rules. The Friends supported programs: The League of Women Voters presentation on Ballot Propositions, a Kids Halloween program, Coloring for Adults, and Yoga. We provided half the HOTP (Hot Off The Press) books and sent copies of the Library Events calendar to local schools. Total volunteer hours for October: 465

September, 2018

This was a busy month with volunteers staffing the Used Book Store daily and sorting book and media donations, usually twice weekly. The BIG Book Sale was a success requiring three mornings to set up, two days staffing the sale, and a final day for cleanup. Our two book clubs met - Page Turners and Delve into History. Hot Off The Press books continued to arrive and yoga class met most Wednesdays. Volunteers gave about 615 hours this month.

August, 2018

The Friends continued their regular activities: twice weekly sorting book and media donations for the Book Store or to save for the B-I-G September Book Sale, and staffing the Used Book Store daily. Programs included weekly Yoga, monthly Coloring for Adults, a Henna Art Summer Reading Club Finale program for teens and Zoonation, the Summer Reading Club Finale program for kids. Hot Off The Press books continued to arrive. Two Book Clubs are now meeting, Page Turners and the new Delve Into History. We welcomed a new permanent Head Librarian, Larry Nash. Volunteers donated 452 hours in August.

July, 2018

Summer Reading Club's programs were popular: Puppets, galaxy glitter jars, creating a travel journal, volcanoes, and a magic show. We continued to sponsor Coloring for Adults, HOTP books, and Yoga. Volunteers sold hundreds of books and media items in the Used Book Store. We received and sorted beautiful donations from the community - books and media - replenishing Bookstore shelves or storing them for the next BIG Book Sale. Page Turners' Book Club met for discussion and planning, led by new Chair, Leya Booth. Special thanks and appreciation to Carole Fox, for an extraordinary well-done job of setting up and leading our Book Club for many years. The Board reviewed recent events and planned for the future. The Friends volunteered 511 hours in July.

June, 2018

The Friends provided adult, teen, and children's programs including Temple Dances, a Magic Show, International Food tasting, Cupcake wars, LGBTQIA Rocks, Blacklight Painting, and weekly Yoga classes. Page Turners Book Club reorganizated and will meet monthly. HOTP books continued to arrive. Donations were sorted and stored weekly; the Book store was open daily, restocked regularly. The Website was updated often. Volunteers set up, staffed, and cleaned up after the BIG Book Sale which generated serveral thousand dollars to support library programs and provide materials. Volunteers gave about 640 hours this month.

May, 2018

It has been a busy spring as we sorted donations, restocked the Book Store and added more shelf space. Most donations were stored the June's BIG Book Sale. HOTP, Yoga, and Coloring for Adults continued and this month included a League of Women Voters program discussing ballot issues. Volunteers staffed the Book Store daily and updated the website often. Almost 420 hours were volunteered in May.

April, 2018

The Friends continued usual activities: staffing the bookstore, sorting donations to refill bookstore shelves or store for future sales, updating this website, and gathering for the monthly Open Board Meeting. We also sponsored Hot Off the Press Books, Yoga classes, and Coloring for Adults. The yearly Volunteer Brunch was held in appreciation of those who volunteered in 2017. Volunteers gave over 415 hours in April.

March, 2018

Our BIG Book Sale was a success - many have have new book and media items to enjoy, money raisdo supports library programs and other needs. Patrons enjoyed Black Comedies by the Masters, Coloring for Adults, Yoga, and a Frida Kahlo - Tree of Hope program. Page Turners' Book Club reorganization continues. New HOTP books were welcomed and are checked out rapidly. Volunteers continue to staff the Bookstore daily and sort new donations twice weekly giving over 840 hours in March, including 286 hours for the BIG Book Sale.

February, 2018

February programs included a Valentine Love Song concert, Coloring for Adults, Yoga for Well Being and children enjoyed an African Stories program. Our book club, Page Turners, is working to attract new members. The HOTP program continues to provide popular books for our branch. The Boookstore was open daily; book and media donations were sorted tgwice weekly, used to restock the Bookstore or saved for the March BIG Book Sale. Volunteers gave over 370 hours in February.

January, 2018

Continuing programs included Coloring for Adults, HOT Off The Press Books, and Page Turners' Book Club. The Bookstore was open daily, staffed by voluneers. Volunteers met twice weekly to sort new donations, restock the Bookstore, and box extras to store for the March BIG Book Sale. The Board met with our new President to add new committee chairs and plan for the new year. Volunteers gave 499 hours this month.

December, 2017

Our BIG Book Sale was a success with thousands of items finding new homes. Volunteers set up the books and media, staffed the sale, and cleaned up afterwards. The Bookstore was open daily, HOTP books continued to arrive and fly off the shelf. Patrons enjoyed Coloring for Adults and Page Turners' Book Club members met to discuss the current book and plan for the new year. Beautiful book and media donations from the community continued to come in, get sorted, and either fill Bookstore shelves or be stored for the March BIG Book Sale. Volunteers gave 625 hours this month.

November, 2017

Volunteers staffed the Bookstore daily and sorted donations twice weeky. Dontions were used to restock the bookstore and were stored for the December BIG Book Sale. Yoga for Well Being met weekly and Coloring for Adults and Page Turner's Book club each met early in the month. Friends sponsored a Lunch to appreciate volunteers and Library staff . A Theramin music program was presented. The Annual General Membership Meeting included elections of new Board members and presentation of the Friend of the Year Award as well as regular business. Hot-Off-The-Press books continued to provide current popular books for patrons. Volunteers gave over 360 hours this month.

October, 2017

Continuing activities inlclude: staffing the Bookstore daily, sorting donations to refill Bookstore shelves or store for December BIG Book Sale twice weekly, a weekly Yoga for Well Being class, and a monthly Coloring for Adults program. Teens enjoyed an Azetec stories program. The Board met to review previous activities and plan for the future. Hot-Off-The-Press books continued to arrive and fly off the shelf. Volunteers gave over 460 hours this month.

September, 2017

The BIG Book Sale was a success, tables and carts emptied as books and media went to new owners. HOTP books continued to arrive and Page Turners' book club met. Many enjoyed the weekly Yoga for Well Being classes and the monthly Coloring for Adults. The Book Store was open daily and sorters managed donations twice weekly as they came in. Volunteers gave over 620 hours this month.

August, 2017

Many, many beautiful donations were sorted. Most were boxed and stored to make next month's BIG Book Sale a success and the rest used as they came in to keep the Bookstore shelves refreshed. The Board met to review and plan -- to discuss how we could help meet Library needs. HOTP books continued. This month's programs included Page Turners' book club, Coloring for Adults, and Yoga for Wellness. Volunteers gave about 535 hours this month.

Book and media donations, ready to be sorted (7/7/2017)


.....Summary of previous activities on our Supporting the Library page
and the Years in Review page

HOTP sign
Friends donations provide half of the 25 Hot-Off-The-Press books each month; they stay on these shelves 6 - 9 months - - when not in reader's hands.


Teen Area Spinner, 2019

Bookbinding Workshop, July, 2017
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LAPL Book Bike


March, 2015: New puppets for Children's area stage



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Sept 19, 2014: Sorters were joined by Rosalba Gonzalez, Field Representative for State Senator Fran Pavley. Ms Gonzalez presented the Friends of the Library with the Senator's Volunteer of the Month Certificate


book stack
Librarians added over 300 new books with funds from the Friends
(March, 2014)


ceiling projector
Friends donated a ceiling projector for movies and presentations in the meeting room (June, 2013)


lounge chairs
Chairs for comfortable reading donated by the Friends (May, 2013)


"When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the areas of man's concerns, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of his existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses, for art establishes the basic human truths which must serve as the touchstone of our judgment. The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an intrusive society and an officious state. The great artist is thus a solitary figure. He has, as Frost said, a lover's quarrel with the world. "
         - - John F. Kennedy

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