Woodley Lakes, Encino, and Balboa Golf Courses

The three golf courses are between Balboa Blvd.(west), Woodley Ave. (east), Victory Blvd. (north), and Burbank Blvd. (south). Balboa Golf Course and Encino Golf Course share a clubhouse and access from Burbank Blvd. There is a walking path around them. The Los Angeles River separates them from the Woodley Lakes Golf Course. Access to Woodley Lakes is from Woodley Ave. or from Balboa Blvd., going through Lake Balboa Park. 2019 - 2021? the path on the north side of the L.A. River is closed due to erosion. It is gone is one place.

LA Parks Golf Websites provide online tee-time booking,and contact information.

The Google satellite map provides a good overview.

Encino-Balboa clubhouse area

Golf - Encino
Encino Golf Course
Balboa Golf Course
Golf - Balboa
Balboa Golf Course
Woodley Lakes Course Clubhouse area
Golf-Woodley Lakes
Woodley Lakes Golf Course

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