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Lake Balboa, Bull Creek


Lake Balboa, aka Anthony Beilenson Park, provides a variety of activities -fishing and walking being particularly popular. The walking path around the lake is 1.3 miles long and there are other dirt trails. There is a children's play area, picnic areas and picnic pavillions. Under construction in the summer of 2012 is an All Access sports field in the south-eastern area of the park. A bicycle path runs through the park from Balboa Blvd. to Woodley Ave. The LA Parks website has much information including picnic pavillion reservations, bike rental, and moon bounce rental information. The Google Satellite map provides an overview. The park may be closed in heavy rains due to flooding.

Bull Creek, pictured in the headers on these pages, runs along the western side of Lake Balboa Park into the Los Angeles River. The Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Org. website describes the recent riparian restoration.


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