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San Vicente, Caballero Canyon, Mulholland Gateway

These parks are all connected, trails go west and south to Will Rogers State Park, some are fire roads, some are narrow. The Google maps provide an excellent overview. The Sierra Club hiking web page has a calendar of hikes planned in the area.

San Vicente Mountain Park in the Santa Monica Mountains is above Mulholland Drive. There is a left-over Nike radar tower with magnificent views of the San Fernando Valley. The LAMountains.com website has pictures, directions and maps. The Google Satellite map of the area indicates trails for hiking and mountain biking.

caballero Canyon

The Caballero Canyon trail goes from Reseda Blvd., near the Braemar Country Club, to Mulholland Drive. Parking is free along the side of the road. The Google Satellite Map shows the trail route clearly. It is about 1-1/2 miles long, connecting to Mulholland Gateway Park. VenturaCountyTrails.org provides more detailed information, especially for mountain bikers. NobodyHikesInLA.com provides photos and more information for hikers.

At the south end of Resenda Blvd. there are free and pay parking areas for access to Mulholland Gateway Park. Websites with more information include: LAMountains.com - Official website: trail maps, photos; VenturaCountyTrails.org - information about the area especially for mountain biking; LAOutdoors.org - mountain biking; Wikipedia - brief description and photos and; Google Satellite map

Pixie K.
Pictures in the photo Galleries are courtesy of Pixie K. taken on recent hikes with the Sierra Club

Views from the trails - July, 2012

The Trails - July, 2012

Wildlife - July, 2012

Native Plants - Flowers (1) - July, 2012

Native Plants - Flowers (2) - July, 2012

Native Plants - Flowers (3) - July, 2012

A Few More - August, 2012

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